At Meticulous NY our name is quite fitting. The name Meticulous NY comes from our founder, and cosmetic director herself, as well as our methods of treatment, and our treatments themselves. We pride ourselves on our thoroughness, and the fact that we leave no stone un-turned to ensure you achieve your dream aesthetic!

At our spa we are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest level of non-invasive, aesthetic enhancement available in all of NYC. We pride ourselves on our customer service, as well as our dedication to excellence. In each and every one of our procedures and treatments, our staff pays close attention to every detail – no matter how big, or how small. We take the time to carefully inspect our clients down to each pore, in order to properly identify exactly where their corrective needs might lie and exactly how our aesthetic experts will deal with them. It is important to note that we aren’t simply focused on enhancing your aesthetic but tailoring each procedure to simultaneously provide you with the utmost physical and mental wellness care possible.

From relaxing body treatments, to our post-facial massages, Meticulous NY is all about wellness. We offer clients a soothing, relaxing experience where they can leave the rigors of daily life at the door and focus solely on improving their look and feel. We strive to ensure that each patient leaves our facility looking great… but feeling better!

The Best Treatments


The Resurgence of Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup has become of the hottest and most popular trends to hit the aesthetics industry in recent years. Everyday more and more women (and many men!) are opting for permanent makeup treatments to replace their daily application and reapplication of makeup. While the “Permanent” part may be a bit deceiving, as permanent makeup does eventually fade – semi-permanent makeup does seem a bit more apt.

Regardless, the umbrella of Permanent Makeup includes a number of different cosmetic procedures, like Microblading, Eyeliner Tattooing, or Lip Tattooing, that make use of ink and pigments, dispensed from a tattoo machine-like device. Rather than having to apply makeup to your lips, eyelashes, or eyebrows on a daily basis, using semi-permanent pigments we are able to shade and contour these areas only once, lasting up to a few years (generally fading within 2-3 years), before the need for reapplication!

The concept of Permanent Makeup isn’t as new as most might think. Truth be told, years before it became one of the hottest trends in aesthetics, Permanent Makeup actually had a fairly negative impression on the world. The idea of tattooed eyebrows and painted on lips was more reminiscent of that scary aunt coming to visit, or those older women who simply wear way too much makeup. However, the recent trend of Permanent Makeup is heavily geared towards a more natural looking, aesthetically-appealing look – all about rich, sultry contours and added depth and volume. Learn more about Permanent Makeup and find out if its right for you, today!



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